Southern Region Rover, August 1982

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17 Aug 2009
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With all the recent threads on all-line rovers, I thought I'd dig out my notes for a Southern Region rover in 1982. Unfortunately, I didn't take detailed notes on diet and scenery, but I do remember a certain amount of Traveller's Fare cornish pasties, and Nestle vending machine choc bars. My diet's improved these days.

Back to the trains. I lived in the Medway towns, a tricky spot to get loco haulage, but the rest of the Southern at that time offered some interesting services, most of which we sampled during the week. These included the 50-hauled Exeter trains, interregionals to Brighton and Poole from the Birmingham/Reading axis (mostly 47s on non-aircon Mk2s), Portsmouth-Bristol/Cardiff trains (33+ Mk1s), Salisbury slow trains (33 on Mk1s or 4-TC units), Waterloo-Weymouth with TC+REP units then 33/1+TC from Bournemouth, and a few other oddments...
I've put a few sightings in too, but left out most of the numerous sightings of 09s, 33s and 73s.

So, without further ado, starting on a Tuesday for some reason...

Tuesday 3/8: Circumnavigating the coast.
Up at ridiculous o'clock for the Victoria-Ramsgate newspaper train, caught at 0355 from Rochester, hauled by 73109, with vans and a single Mk1 BSK. Ramsgate arrive 0541.
In 4-CEP 7147 to Dover and Ashford, three 09s at Dover Town.
In 3-H 1114 at 0728 Ashford-Hastings, recording 62mph and "really rough" in my notes near Appledore.
In 4-CIG 7306 Hastings to Lewes, 33046 on St Leonards.
In 4-CAP 3311 Lewes-Brighton, and 4-VEP 7731 Brighton-Portsmouth.
Behind 33109 on 5 Mk1s Portsmouth-Southampton (a Bristol train).
At Southampton, 33040 on another Portsmouth-Bristol, 47338, 47192, 33030 on freight, 47561 on inter-regional Mk2 non-aircons.
In 4-TC 430, pushed by 4-REP 3005 as far as Bournemouth, then hauled by 33101 to Weymouth. At Poole 47301 on a train of Mk2s (inter-regional?).
Back from Weymouth in 4-TC 429 pushed by 33101 (must have been 33+8-TC to Weymouth), then behind 47317 on an interregional from Bournemouth-Basingstoke.
Then highlight of the day, behind 50040 from Basingstoke to Waterloo, recording whole-mile times indicating 96 and 97 mph, arriving 3 mins early into Woking. Still late into Waterloo. Saw 56066 on HAA hoppers at Clapham Jn.
In 2-HAP 6157 back to the Medway towns.

Wed 4/8: suburban lines
Shuttling round suburbia, ticking off sections of line including Holborn Viaduct.
Saw 47455 on Mk1s at Selhurst, possibly a Brighton interregional, 47135 on oil tanks at Croydon, the usual 33s and 73s scattered round the place. Plenty of 4-SUBs still running. Photos of 33s on the London Bridge-E Grinstead trains.

Thu 5/8: Reading
0705 Strood to Paddock Wood, in 4-EPB 5242: saw 33015+33028 in Allington on the Westbury stone train. 33206 at Paddock Wood on ferry vans. To Tonbridge and in Cl119 DMU 51091 to Redhill. Tonbridge W Yard: 33052, 33204, 33205, 73131 and 08830.
Redhill-Gatwick in 4-VEP 7804, then behind 47532 in Mk1s to Reading via Kensington Olympia and the GW main line (Brighton interregional train). We assumed that the SR Rover covered the start and end of the journey, so how were we to know that it went off-region. No-one batted an eyelid.
Usual LT battery locos and oddities in Lille Bridge, 31s, 47, 50s on the WR.
Arrived Reading just in time to see 50029 take a train back towards Brighton. Don't know how far the 50 would have got though, possibly engine change at Old Oak Common area. 47336 with Mk2cs on a Portsmouth-Manchester.
Behind 47479 in early Mk2s to Basingstoke, and back behind 47136 to Reading.
In Cl119 DMU 51087 to Redhill via Guildford. Redhill to London Bridge:
behind 33053 in Mk1s on 1720 from London Bridge as far as Oxted, then behind 33059 in Mk1s on the following train to E Grinstead (the rush-hour-only hauled trains on the unelectrified E Grinstead/Uckfield lines). Back in 3-H 1114 (same one as Tuesday) to London Bridge, and 4-EPB 5330 back to Medway.
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Part 2:

Fri 6/8: oddities
EPBs from Medway-London-Clapham Jn.
Behind 73142, running on diesel, in one of two Mk1s (S21275 and S4076) on 0812 Clapham Jn-Kensington Olympia. At this time, the morning run was 73 and 2 Mk1s.
From Ken.O by underground to Embankment, EPB Charing Cross to Waterloo for:
Hauled by 73141 in Mk1s as far as Basingstoke (on the Channel Islands Boat Train for Weymouth as far as I can remember). Recorded a maximum of 82mph past Weybridge.
In 4-VEP 7817 Basingstoke-Eastleigh, where I copped my last 33, 33111.
47s and 33s on freight at Eastleigh.
In 4-VEP 7829 to Basingstoke, then in 4-TC 423 pushed by 33114 at 1600 to Waterloo (train from Salisbury), recording 86mph for two miles through Fleet. 73001 seen at Woking. arrived Waterloo 1650, joining with a bump to 8-VEP: the return service ran as 33/1+4-TC+4-VEP+4-VEP as far as Basingstoke, dividing there for the Salisbury line and the Bournemouth line, saving a path, and offering a train powered by both a diesel loco and the juice rail.
4-EPB back to Medway.

Sat 7/8: chasing a railtour and haulage
EPBs to London to photograph a railtour passing Queen's Road Peckham, but it went a different route, so we only saw it later, at Tulse Hill: 56014 on 9 Mk1s. Six Bells Junction lists it as the Grid Iron Grice, London Bridge to Bedford, Toton, Redditch and Banbury.
Back to Waterloo for:
behind 33115 in Mk1s to Basingstoke (Salisbury/Exeter line train)
behind 47138 in Mk2s Basingstoke-Southampton, spying the East Ham based overhead electric 302 271 at Eastleigh
behind 33110 in Mk1s Southampton-Basingstoke
behind 47032 in Mk2s to Southampton (last three trains interregionals)
behind 33008 in Mk1s (10 of them) Southampton-Salisbury via Eastleigh (possibly a Weymouth or Poole-Bristol Summer Sats train that went that way to avoid reversing at Southampton)
copped my last 09, 09026 at Salisbury
behind 33013+33034 in Mk1s Salisbury-Brighton (Exeter-Brighton train)
4-CIG to London Bridge and EPB back to Kent.

Sun 8/8: round trip to Salisbury
EPB to London,
behind 50047 Waterloo-Salisbury, including reversal and running on the up fast in the down direction near Winchfield, for engineering works
behind 33003 in Mk1s Salisbury-Portsmouth
pushed by 33118 in 4-TC 432 Portsmouth-Basingstoke (33/1 + TC worked the Reading-Porstmourth Sun-only trains). Overtaken in Waller's Ash loop by a fast Weymouth-Waterloo REP/TC formation
behind 33022 in Mk1 Basingstoke-Waterloo (Salisbury-London train)
back to Kent.

Mon 9/8: SW suburbia
By now we'd covered most of the interesting workings, so filled in with some new lines...
EPB to London, then SW suburban lines, Strawberry Hill , Windsor, Guildford, Aldershot, etc, photographing from various spots.
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