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[SP] 47 Action 19/7

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8 Jun 2005
TUESDAY 19/07/05 updated: 12:15, 12:45
allocations and confirmed workings:

47830 (With 66607 + 66952) 4M26 Dagenham - Crewe Cars
47298=0Z47 0936 Stowmarket-Stowmarket (via Ipswich).
47714 + 47303 dead in tow=4Z43 1045 Tilbury-Lawley Street (instead of 4M43 last night, 714 then light to Oxley).
47810=0P04 0430 Norwich-London/ 1P04 0625 London-Norwich.
47811=5Z62 1000 Mossend-View Park.
47813=5V01/ 1V01 0622 Great Yarmouth-Norwich.
47840=0A40 0506 Old Oak Common HSTD–Paddington/ 5A40 0751 Padd-OOCCS/ 0A40 0815 OOCCS-OOCHSTD/ 0A99 2044 OOCHSTD-OOCCS/ 5C99 2114 OOCCS-Padd/ 0C99 2354 Padd-OOCHSTD.

location/ standby’s this morning:
47145=DerbyRTC. 47150=Basford Hall. 47197=Crewe. 47200=Gloucester. 47298=see above. 47303=see above. 47309=Southampton Maritime. 47316=Crewe. 47355=Newton Heath. 47501=Carlisle Kingmoor. 47703/712=DerbyRTC. 47709/832=Barrow Hill. 47714=see above. 47802=Carlisle Kingmoor. 47805(out of use)/812/815(exam)/829(out of use)/839/847/848(out of use)=CreweLNWR. 47810/813=see above. 47811=see above. 47816=Crewe('exam'). 47818=Norwich(exam). 47826/851/854=Carnforth. 47828=Norwich alloc 0Z47. 47830=Dagenham Dock Yard. 47840=see above. 47841=CreweLNWR(exam). 47843=see above. 47853=Old Oak Common.
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