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[SP] 47 Action 20/8

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8 Jun 2005
allocations and confirmed workings:

47303=4B31 0946 Southampton Maritime-Marchwood/ 0B31 1022 Marchwood-Southampton Maritime/ 4B33 1146 Southampton Maritime-Marchwood.
47712=1Z96 0652 Alton-Worcester Shrub Hill (to Willesden sth west sidings).
47714=5V29 0848 Crown Point-Great Yarmouth/ 1V29 1010 Great Yarmouth-Norwich.
47802=0T47 0800 Carlisle Kingmoor-Carnforth/ 0Z66 1440 Carnforth-Preston/ 0Z67 1607 Preston-Carnforth/ 0Z68 2035 Carnforth-Preston.
47840=0A40 0506 OOC-Padd/ 5A01 0530 Padd-OOC/ 0A01 0645 OOC-Padd/ 5A40 0751 Padd-OOC.
47841=0Z00 0900 Basford Hall-Crewe/ 1D22 10xx Crewe-Holyhead/ 1A41 1415 Holyhead-Crewe/ 1D25 1713 Crewe-Holyhead.
47851 + 47854=5Z40 0257 Carnforth-Rochdale/ 1Z40 0603 Rochdale-Edinburgh.
153322=1Vxx 1206 Norwich-Great Yarmouth.
location/ standby’s this morning:
47145=DerbyRTC. 47150/197=Basford Hall. 47200=Oxley. 47237=Carlisle Kingmoor(N/300). 47298=Carlisle Kingmoor. 47303=see above. 47309=Southampton Maritime. 47316=Oxley. 47355=Oxley. 47501=Carlisle Kingmoor(A/150). 47703=DerbyRTC(C/421). 47709=Oxley. 47712=see above. 47714=see above. 47802=see above. 47805=CreweLNWR(B/612). 47810=Norwich. 47811=Dagenham. 47812=CreweLNWR(N/820). 47813=Loughborough. 47815=CreweLNWR(N/680). 47816=Basford Hall(A exam). 47818=Norwich(N/185). 47826=Craigentinny. 47828=Gloucester. 47829=CreweLNWR(coolant leak). 47830=Mossend. 47832=DerbyRTC. 47839=Cardiff Canton? 47840=see above. 47841=see above. 47843=CreweLNWR. 47847=CreweLNWR(N/100). 47848=Cardiff Canton? 47851=see above. 47853=Old Oak Common. 47854=see above.


47303 has had an A exam, but will have a B exam during the week.
Note that 298 returned from Loughborough with 237.
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