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[SP] 47 Action 6/9

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8 Jun 2005
TUESDAY 06/09/05 updated: 19:20

allocations and confirmed workings:

47316=6K72 1305 Gloucester Yard-Kingsbury.
47714=to be added.
47840=0A40 0506 Old Oak HSTD-Padd/ 5A40 0751 Padd-OOCCS/ 0A40 0815 OOCCS-OOCHSTD.
47841=0Z45 Dagenham Dock-Ramsgate EMU Depot/ 5Z45 0915 Ramsgate-Severn Tunnel Jct(with three slam door units).
47847=2F05 0720 Rhymney-Cardiff Central.
20154 + 33117 + 40145 + 45135 + 47402=0Z40 0930 Bury-Crewe Works.
location/ standby’s this morning:
47145=DerbyRTC. 47150=Basford Hall. 47197=Basford Hall(exam). 47200=Oxley. 47237=Carlisle Kingmoor(exam). 47298=Carlisle Kingmoor. 47303(exam)/309=Southampton Maritime. 47316=see above. 47355=Oxley. 47501=Carlisle Kingmoor(exam). 47703=DerbyRTC. 47709=Oxley. 47712=Alton. 47714=see above. 47802=Carlisle Kingmoor. 47805/815/829=CreweLNWR(out of traffic). 47810=see above. 47811=CreweLNWR. 47812=Old Oak Common. 47813=Loughborough. 47816=Basford Hall. 47818=Norwich. 47826=Tyseley. 47828=Norwich. 47830=Shieldmuir. 47832=DerbyRTC. 47839/843/848=CreweLNWR. 47840=see above. 47841=Tilbury. 47847=see above. 47851=Carnforth. 47853=Old Oak Common. 47854=Carnforth.


The Brush Type 4 Fund's 47376 will be renamed 'Freightliner 1995' on Saturday 24th September 2005, at 12:10 in Toddington railway station during the Saturday of the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway's diesel gala during which 47105 and 47376 will both be running. 376 has of course been repainted into two tone grey during the year.
Quoted from the Brush Type 4 Fund's press release is the following round up of info about 47376: "47376 was the first loco to carry Freightliner triple grey livery and was originally named at Crewe Basford Hall open day on August 28th 1995.
"47376 was purchased from Freightliner in November 2002 and moved to the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway in June 2003 via the MOD site at Ashchurch where ‘376 received the engine from fellow Brush Type 4 Fund loco 47295. 47376 was started in preservation in July 2003.
"47376 last worked a train on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway on 10th April 2005, since April the loco has been undergoing a repaint into Freightliner Triple Grey livery."
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