Spa Valley railway diesel gala (info courtesy of South Eastern loco group)

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8 Jun 2005
South East london
Spa Valley Railway Diesel gala is to be held between the 4th August and the 6th August.

The SELG and Spa Valley Railway are delighted to announce that Class 20, 20118 'Saltburn by the Sea' will be visiting the Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

All being well, the Type 1 loco will arrive during w/c 24/7, in plenty of time for the Diesel Gala on Friday 4th, Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th August. This will be the first time the summer Diesel Gala has run over 3 days.

The locomotive, owned by South Devon Diesel Traction and based at the South Devon Railway will be looked after by the South East Locomotive Group for the duration of it's visit.

This is the first time 20118 has visited another Railway in preservation and will be the first appearance of a Class 20 on the Spa Valley Railway.

The 3 days in summary.....

Friday 4th : 10 round trips including the debut of the Class 20, believed to be a first for the line. It is planned for Drewry shunter 'Southerham' to make it's first run after an internal overhaul. There will be three, evening 'Real Ale' trains top and tailed with 20118 on the Tunbridge Wells West end for maximum 'thrash' on the uphill return journey from Birchden Junction with the equivalent of load 9 in tow! Last arrival at Tunbridge Wells West will be approx 20.30.

Saturday 5th : 12 round trips including extensive use of all locos. There will be four, evening 'Real Ale' trains. One will be a 'Gronk bash' using our Class 09 and Class 10 shunters hauling the equivalent of load 9! The other 3 trips will see 20118 on the Tunbridge Wells West end, again with the equivalent of load 9 in tow. Last arrival at Tunbridge Wells West will be approx 21.30.

Sunday 6th : 8 round trips (plus 2 round trips featuring an early morning freight train). Extensive use of all available locos. There will be one train with triple headed shunters using our Class 09, Class 10 and the unique Class 12. The final train of the weekend will see the Class 20 haul the heaviest load of the Gala from Birchden Junction along the length of the line to Tunbridge Wells West and will arrive back at approx 18.30.

Friday and Saturday will see a Fish and Chip train operate. Places will need to be booked in advance through the Railway - see the FISH & CHIP SPECIAL webpage on the Spa Valley Railway website for more details (opens in new browser). If you are in possession of one of the Rover tickets for the Gala, you will only need to pay £5 for the Fish and Chips. [Note that the Gala train timings vary slightly from the usual F&C train times].

20118 which is in Railfreight Red Stripe livery will be joined at the Gala by:

33063 'R J Mitchell' participating in it's first Diesel Gala in Railfreight Construction livery

33065 'Sealion' making it's last summer Diesel Gala appearance before undergoing an 18-24 month overhaul programme

Drewry 2591 'Southerham'

Class 09 004 (One of only two operational in preservation)

Class 10 D3489 Colonel Tomline (One of only three operational in preservation)

Class 12 15224 (The only surviving member of the Class)

Class 73 E6047 (73140)

On display at Tunbridge Wells West will be vehicles undergoing restoration including 2 car Class 207 'Thumper' 1317 and Class 115 DMU vehicle 51669.

Come and support us this year and enjoy what we have to offer. It appear there are no other Galas over this weekend so why not take the opportunity to visit one of the smaller, but expanding Preserved Lines?
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7 Jun 2005
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Definetly worth a visit just to see 33063 after all the hard work the guys have put into it. When they say thrash, they mean business aswell :angry4: :D


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9 Jun 2005
I plan to attend on the Saturday, particuarly for the 20 and 33s. Possible forum meet?
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