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Spare Ticket - UK Railtours Ayr Apparent 27 August

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Keith Jarrett

10 Aug 2010
No longer in London
With permission of the moderators for which I am very grateful.

A very close friend of mine recently passed away and while I was checking his mail yesterday, I came across a ticket for the UK Railtours Ayr Apparent on Saturday 27th August. I'm unable to use the ticket and it's too late to cancel so I am throwing the ticket open to members of the forum.

The ticket is for First Class Dining and the tour covers some very sought after lines in Ayrshire (see the UK Railtours website for further details). The tour starts at Euston and picks up at Watford Junction, Rugby and Crewe.

All I'm asking for is a reasonable donation to my friend's favoured charities - MacMillan Nurses and St Catherine's Hospice in Crawley.

If you are interested in taking on the ticket, please PM me as soon as possible.
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27 Jan 2014
West of Andover
The tour also picks up in Carlisle I believe for those in Scotland/North who can't make the early start.

Have you spoken to UKR to see if they will cancel the ticket due to the passing away?
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