SPT Daytripper 19/5/12

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11 Jul 2011
Thought I write up my report from my day so far

Went to kilwinning station about 8:50am to collect my daytripper pass and scratch out the correct day.

Took the 09:04 to Glasgow Central.

Then my plans really started with the 09:47 to Lanark and 10:53 back to Motherwell with a 318 269
Took the 11:41 back up to Lanark and 12:23 back to Glasgow Central with a 320 312 and 320 320.

Met up with my wee sister 1:30pm and we went to KFC for lunch.

Took the 14:30 to kilwinning and 15:04 back to Glasgow Central with a 380 witch is not my favorite train but my phone needed charged

Took the 15:57 to Larkhall and back to Glasgow Central with a 320 310

Went for a wee pint in The Guise in Hope street

The last but best
Took the 17:55 to Weymss Bay and 18:55 back to Glasgow EXPRESS both ways with a 314 203 and took a nice wee carry out with me to make my jurney alot better

And having a night out with friends from my college in Glasgow City Centre

I will be looking forword next saturday as theres engineering works on argyle line at Holytown and Wishaw and I dnt think the lanark trains will be going via Hamilton so witch means my 318 and 320 on lanark services will mostly be going via WCML and will have plenty of fast runs on 318s and 320s so really looking forword to that

Also I'll add the class 314 to my plans
17:55 Glasgow Central-Weymss bay and 18:55 back up
20:50 Glasgow Central-Gourock and 21:45 back up
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