St Albans to London - Zonal off-peak single


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2 Jul 2021
St. Albans
Hi everyone, I've tried to look this up but can't find the information anywhere so wondering if there are people in the know here.

I travel from St Albans to London using the Key smartcard with Keygo and usually get charged the Super Off Peak Day Return of £13.90 travelling off-peak hours. I've since gotten a Network Railcard and I was expecting the fare to only drop to £13.00 when used during the Network Railcard hours (plus the bonus of being able to return during peak hours), and this is exactly the case should I depart at 10am (for example) and return during peak hours. However I was pleasantly surprised to see that when I depart after 10am and return during off peak hours, I am charged £5.50 each way for a "Zonal Off Peak Single". I've tried to look this up but can't find anything on what this is. Does anyone have any more information on this fare?

I guess I also want to make sure I'm not underpaying and come to regret it later. Am new to London and discovering the fun of strategies for getting good fares! :)

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20 Oct 2014
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If you've used KeyGo as instructed, i.e. had the right balance on it and touched in/out as required, it is not your problem if the railway undercharges you - you have followed instructions.

On the other hand I can see why you'd want to know out of interest :)