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St Margarets (London) to Slough, then St Albans back to St Margarets

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26 Nov 2011
I need to do these two journeys in the same day (SWT St Margarets (London) to Windsor & Eton Riverside, walk to Windsor & Eton Central, then FGW to Slough, then later in the day St Albans to West Hampstead (FCC), London Overground to Richmond, and SWT to St Margarets).

It'll be a Saturday, travelling out at around 10am and leaving St Albans around 10pm).

Is it permissible to do this on a St Albans - Zones 1-6 Travelcard (or Z2-6 but I'm not sure if that still exists), plus a Feltham- (or BZ6) Slough single? This looks like it would be slightly cheaper than two singles (St Margarets - Slough and St Albans - St Margarets)

It would involve massively starting short, and the 'outward' leg of the St Albans - London ticket would be used many hours after the initial St Margarets - edge of Zone 6 bit. But I don't know if this matters with Travelcards?

If is is permissible, how does one go about buying a St Albans - Z1-6 Travelcard from a website? What destination do I enter to get that? (NRE doesn't recognise typing Zones... or London Zones... - am I missing something really obvious?)

Thanks everyone for your help!
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5 Feb 2011
Most websites (FGW for certain) will offer the one day travel card as an option if you search for a St Albans-London day return journey

I wouldn't like to comment on the permissibility of it though.


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6 Jun 2005
Dan - I've sent you a PM with a potential concise letter to send to FCC, as I am not entirely certain myself.

I have since done some more research into this....

I believe it would be safer (and cheaper!) to use an "in-boundary" Zones 1-6 Travelcard, plus BZ6 to Slough, and St Albans to BZ6 singles.

[stn]SMG[/stn] - London Zones 1-6 [0035] ODT £8.50
Boundary Zone 6 [0072] - [stn]SLO[/stn] (Rte: via Windsor*) £6.40
[stn]SAC[/stn] - Boundary Zone 6 [0072] SDS £4.70

SDS = Anytime Day Single
ODT = Off Peak Day Travelcard

(* There is a strong argument to say the Rte: Any Permitted ticket is valid though; I firmly believe it is, but it may not give you a hassle-free journey)
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