St Pancras (EMR high level) ticket barrier staff....Thanks

Flying Phil

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18 Apr 2016
They often seem maligned I would just like to redress that to show our appreciation of good public service.

Our incoming train had been delayed and coincided with another service yesterday morning, both had been quite busy. The gate staff opened the gates to speed the outgoing passengers and prevent overcrowding.

On our return in the evening, despite an extensive search of my wife's handbag and all our pockets, one of our tickets could not be found, but we had the receipt showing correct purchase, my wife was getting upset but the staff issued a "pass", even pointing out an earlier alternative train for us to use.....and gave us a couple of bottles of water as we went on our hot and frazzled - but relieved way. So "THANK YOU" EMRT station staff.
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20 Jan 2020
Milton Keynes
Good to hear, and if you haven't already, do get in contact with EMR's customer services team to pass on the positive feedback.