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st Pancras to Ebbsfleet returning a different day

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9 Feb 2011

Looking for a recommendation for the following:

Tomororw/today (depending whether you've gone to bed yet) sat 5th may stp-ebd mid afternoon
Sunday 6th may morning ebd-stp

I can see a fare for the above of £16.00 'weekender' but unsure whether this allows returning on a different day. A single appears to be £14.80.

As there appears to be no SVR can anyone suggest a suitable SVR that is cheaper than two of the above singles? I see stevenage-ebbsfleet £25.90 for example.

If you know of a good ticket that you wish to keep hush about, please PM me in confidence. Thanks
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15 Jun 2010
SE Weekender

Ticket Description:
A Standard Class weekend return ticket which can be purchased in advance or immediately before travel.

Children (Aged 5 to 15 inclusive): 50% discount. Up to two children under five can travel free with each fare paying passenger. Railcard discounts: Disabled Persons Railcard: No discount, Family & Friends Railcard: No discount, HM Forces Railcard: No discount, Network Railcard: No discount, Senior Railcard: No discount and 16-25 Railcard: No discount. Other discount cards: Jobcentre Plus Travel Discount Card: No discount and Gold Cards: No discount.

A full refund is available if you return the completely unused ticket to the place of purchase within 28 days of expiry of the ticket. The amount of the refund will normally take into account any use you have made of the ticket and in some circumstances no refund will be paid.

You may change your travel plans at any time within the validity of the ticket without having to pay an additional fare.

Break of journey:
A break of journey is allowed on the return portions of the ticket, as described in the National Rail Conditions of Carriage.

The outward journey must be on the date shown on the ticket (which must be a Friday or a Saturday). The return journey must be made within 3 days of the date shown on the ticket, but not on the Friday. Time restrictions apply for outward travel on a Friday, there are no time restrictions on when you can travel on a Saturday. There are no time restrictions for return journeys on a Saturday or Sunday.

Train operator:

Booking deadline:
This ticket can be purchased in advance or immediately before travel.
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