Stagecoach to get rid of Norfolk Green brand

Discussion in 'Buses & Coaches' started by transportphoto, 20 Apr 2015.

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    21 Jan 2010
    Today came the not so unexpected news that Stagecoach as of May 1st are bringing the Norfolk Green operation, based in Kings Lynn, under the arms of Stagecoach East and that it will now trade as 'Stagecoach Norfolk'. So after just short of 20 years as 'Norfolk Green', the operation which was bought by Stagecoach in 2013, it is to no longer to be such.

    Whether this means we will see the Stagecoach white corporate livery coming to the streets of Norfolk or whether they will continue to use the hybrid green Stagecoach livery remains to be seen.

    The news was today released in a Stagecoach Group press release:
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