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Stevenage Day Out

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
I arrived at King's Cross at 14:02
I brought my ticket and went to platform 11
for the
14:51 Great Northern service to Cambridge
It was formed of a :lol: :lol: 317 :D
I went on my favourite part of the train :D
The Pantograph Car :razz:
For Yorkie ;)
Train was on Line D
then it switched over to the fast lines after Copenhagen Tunnels
Finsbury Park platform 3
it arrived at Stevenage platform 4
I saw
A someone for Yorkie to call an idiot ;) (someone riding a bike)
A Pioneer
A HST :razz:
Some Mk4 Sets all sounding their horns
3 Notworkers
5 BedPans!
2 313s
Then I took 16:19 RENG/GNER Mk4 set back to London (train came on p1 at KX)
It was quite a good day
Would anyone be kind enough to tell me the headcode of the following trains? :)
13:05 Hull-London (Hull Trains)
15:00 London-Glasgow (GNER)
07:55 Inverness-London (GNER)
16:00 London-Edinburgh (GNER)
12:00 Edinburgh-London (GNER)

Stevenage+London TravelWatch <Link to the Photos<
What do you think of the photos?
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