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Discussion in 'Infrastructure & Stations' started by waterlooroader, 7 May 2015.

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  1. waterlooroader

    waterlooroader Member

    2 Apr 2013
    A random question if anybody can answer!

    On the train from Wolverhampton [WVH] to Manchester Piccadilly [MAN] and just passed through Stone; I notice that all the station name boards are bigger than required for the name Stone and that they are all printed off centre (Right aligned with lots of space followed by the name) Sorry I couldn't get a picture as my phone was in my pocket.

    Does anybody know why this is?
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  3. John Webb

    John Webb Established Member

    5 Jun 2010
    St Albans
    It was once know as "Stone Junction". But it had been renamed "Stone" before the 1923 grouping, according to my Ian Allan "Pre-Grouping Atlas"! And of course the original signs after renaming (whenever that was) would presumably have had "Stone" on the left with lots of space to the right. So the present signs sound to me to be a designer or sign-maker's whim.

    Just found this picture (click on the picture to go to the larger original):
    Stone station platform

    © Copyright Stephen Craven and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

    This confirms for me that it is deliberate and possibly the "House Style" of the particular TOC operating from this station.
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  4. MidnightFlyer

    MidnightFlyer Veteran Member

    16 May 2010
    It strikes me as odd too - Tring for example is another LM-managed station with a short title and IIRC its nameboards are shrunk so that the name takes up the whole plate.
  5. Class 172 Fan

    Class 172 Fan Member

    18 May 2014
    Notice the NWM branding on the PERTIS too?

    The LM house style was designed by Best Impressions (of Trent Barton fame).
  6. greaterwest

    greaterwest Member

    23 Nov 2014
    Seems unique to some London Midland stations though some also have centred text.

    Malvern Link's station sign is similar.
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