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20 May 2011
At least couple of infrastructure projects, that seem pretty modest but valuable in their own way, appear to have vanished because they were subsumed into larger projects. The larger projects failing because they are too ambitious for the times.

(1) Proposal to extend third rail from Bidston to new parkway station(s) at Woodchurch and Beechwood. £16M at most recent costing.
This became subsumed into Bidston-Wrexham electrification which suffered sticker shock when priced at well over £200M for third-rail.

(2) Little discussed idea to electrify from Northwich to Hartford Curve (WCML). Not advanced because it would be part of either a proposed tunnelling from Manchester Airport to Mobberley or part of a Middlewich line upgrade.
Either of which would be hugely more expensive than would be only electrifying those three easy miles Westwards from Northwich.

There must be other relatively little projects, hugely worthwhile taken in isolation, but that have gone the same way. By being subsumed.

Care to name some?
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29 Jun 2012
A 1970s plan for a a London airport in Maplin Sands, one of the potential locations for "Boris Island", along with an express service from King's Cross, using the now abandoned east bores of the Gasworks and Copenhagen tunnels. If the plan was to go ahead today, the rail link would probably take shape in the form of a spur from HS1 to the Thames Hub airport, served from St Pancras by a further batch of 395s (built in the Newton Ayrcliffe factory for the aforementioned services and additional growth).

The 1930s Northen Heights project, involving the north Northern lines and the Northern City line currently served by FCC's 313s.

And that's just to name two.
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Those weren't that "little" but those two sprung immediately to mind.
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