Suburbia to 'arrow's Super Cans

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
Two Suburban Services pass each other 319011 "John Ruskin College" and 455841 at Clapham Junction

A service that is being threathened of being scrapped soon

Silverlink County 321434 operates a Stopping Service to Euston

Silverlink County roars through Harrow with an Express service (it could had been Vicing a Desiro service)

GBRF 66718 makes an appearance by sounding it's horn twice, here it is on 4L22 Hams Hall-Felixstowe

The Train I was waiting for, All hail the Super Can/Van (on 16:51 Birmingham Express "Super Cobbler" service)

I think the Train on the left is much better , i was trying to take a photo of the beautiful (sorry i have an obsession with DVTs) Cobbler livered DVT, but until THAT CRAP ******* PENDOLINO had to block the shot :(

this Pendolino deserves to be scrap and get a death penalty

Freightliner 66536 speeds through Harrow with 4L90 Hams Hall-Felixstowe, a service that had been overtaken by the GBRF one earlier

That's it for today! :)
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4 Sep 2005
Coxster said:
The best image there is the 460.
I don't know personally I would have gone to the platform end (of course not down the ramp) and took it, therefore the whole unit should have been in the shot. Also Julian your 321 shot is zoomed in too much, try not using as much zoom and you'll get something like this:

Outcome: whole unit and surroundings! Otherwise not bad phots!

(BTW What times does the 87 run?)
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