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[Sulzer Power] Brush Action

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6 Jun 2005
FRIDAY 09/09/05 updated: 18:25, 18:35

allocations and confirmed workings:
47298 + 37611=0Z39 0900 Crewe-Carlisle Kingmoor.
47501 + 47802=6C22 0651 Carlisle Kingmoor-Sellafield/ 0C01 1030 Sellafield-Carlisle Kingmoor.
47714=0F03 0451 Norwich-Colchester.
47805(!)=5Z47 1100 Crewe-Cardiff Canton (see news)/ 2R38 1650 Cardiff Central-Rhymney.
47811=5Z64 0856 Dagenham Dock-Ferme Park/ 5X65 1052 Ferme Park-Chart Leacon.
47818=5V01/ 1V01 0622 Great Yarmouth-Norwich.
47840=0A40 0506 OOC-Padd/ 5A40 0751 Padd-OOC/ 5C99 2114 OOC-Padd/ 0C99 2354 Padd-OOC.
47847=0Z52 1200 Canton-Pontypridd (driver training).

location/ standby’s this morning:


Update underway. Remember tonight is the last ever 1V06.
Tomorrow's Sheffield-Edinburgh Compass Tour is apparently to be 47703 on its own.
47805's ECS today is for the Crewe Open Day Arriva specials from Cardiff to Crewe which will be worked by an EWS 37, with 805 thus covering for that 37 on Rhymneys. 805 is expected to work 2R38 1650 ex Cardiff tonight and will then work the 0914 from Rhymney (Saturday diagram) consisting of three re
Not open for further replies.