[Sulzerpower] 47 Action Today

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8 Jun 2005
Allocations and confirmed workings:

47709 + 47832=5Z46 0920 Tyesley–Norwich (railtour ECS with 9496, 5824, 5897, 5788, 1221, 3360, 3362, 1657, 3408, and 3366).
47810=0Z47 0740 Colchester-Peterborough.
47828=5V01/ 1V01 0622 Great Yarmouth-Norwich.
47830=5Z64 0903 Dagenham Dock Down Yard–Ferme Park (failed).
47840=0A40 0506 Old Oak Common HSTD–Paddington/ 5A40 0751 Padd-OOCCS/ 0A40 0815 OOCCS-OOCHSTD/ 0A99 2044 OOCHSTD-OOCCS/ 5C99 2114 OOCCS-Padd/ 0C99 2354 Padd-OOCHSTD.
location/ standby’s this morning:
47145=DerbyRTC. 47150=Kingsland Road. 47197=Basford Hall. 47200=Shieldmuir. 47237=Loughborough(exp OK 08/07). 47298=Norwich. 47303=Lawley Street. 47309=Southampton Maritime(shunter). 47316/714=Oxley. 47355=Newton Heath. 47375=DerbyRTC(overhaul, exp OK 10/08). 47501=Carlisle Kingmoor. 47703=Barrow Hill. 47709/832=see above. 47712=DerbyRTC. 47802=Carlisle Kingmoor. 47805=still showing as Selhurst but is at Crewe. 47810=see above. 47811=Basford Hall. 47812=CreweLNWR(N/150, repairs to high pressure fuel pump, expected OK yesterday). 47813=Colchester. 47815(E exam, exp OK 30/07)/829(N/CLK, repairs to coolant leak, expected OK 31/07)/839/843/847/848(unserviceable)=all CreweLNWR. 47816=Dagenham Dock Down Yard. 47818=Norwich Crown Point. 47826/851/854=Carnforth. 47828=see above. 47830=see above. 47840=see above. 47841=CreweLNWR(tyre turning, exp OK today). 47853=Old Oak Common.


CREL pool 47813 and 47828 are on long term hire to the IANA One Intercity pool, from 05/07 to ‘31/12/05’.
FM Rail are believed to be operating two sets in Scotland next week as previously detailed, one will be top’n’tail 31s, the other will be top’n’tail 47s (probably 709 + 712).
Further to that, 47703 was seen leaving Derby heading north with Virgin liveried mk2’s yesterday afternoon.
47816 was expected to move dead in tow on a working to Crewe shortly.

Note: Sulzerpower is updated daily I will update the Rail-Gen page with news when the site is updated.
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