Summer Saturday Eastbourne 442 trip report

Discussion in 'Trip Planning & Reports' started by NSEFAN, 29 Aug 2015.

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    17 Jun 2007
    I decided to go on a trip with fellow RailUK member Muzer on the summer saturday Eastbourne express service, worked by a class 442. Starting from Southampton we were sadly not able to catch the morning working from Eastbourne to London, however with our Daysave rovers we intended to catch the return trip in the afternoon. To kill the time, we travelled around various Southern-served stations. Items of particular interest were the grade II listed signal box at Holmwood, a relic from early privatisation days at Warnham and the usage of the bay platform 10 at Watford Junction.

    Arriving in good time for the 17:21 Victoria - Eastbourne, the booked departure time came and went with no train to be seen. Staff kept us informed, stating that the train had developed a fault. This fault eventually resulted in the cancellation of our train, with passengers for Eastbourne directed instead towards the 17:46 to Ore. At the last minute however, the 1744 Gatwick Express was cancelled so the unit may be used to reinstate the 1721 to Eastbourne. By this time however, most passengers for Eastbourne were already on the slower train to Ore. The end result was only 4 passengers on the non-stop run to Eastbourne!

    It was a gloomy afternoon at Eastbourne however we were glad to have had a good run from Victoria. We departed approximately 23 minutes late however we had recovered 10 minutes by the time we got into Eastbourne. Although it was pleasant to have an entire carriage to ourselves, we felt sorry for all those who had to slum it on the uncomfortable class 377/6 which formed the Ore train!
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  3. Muzer

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    3 Feb 2012
    Yeah, this was pretty fun. I should also point out that our train was sent out ahead of the stopper, which likely delayed that too, only adding insult to injury! At least for most of the journey as far as I could tell we were only behind a Brighton fast service (stopping only at Clapham and East Croydon), far enough ahead that it didn't cause us any delays. Unfortunately we were held up for a few minutes outside the junction on the branch towards Eastbourne (I don't recall its name right now) while a late-running service cleared it. If that had been on time we probably would have made even better time!

    Next Saturday will likely be the last express runs of 442s from Victoria to Eastbourne (stopping services from London Bridge will still run on weekdays). I'd suggest seizing the day if you haven't already, it was good fun!
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