Sunderland/ Wearside bus services

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16 Dec 2008
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Today saw service "revisions" on various Stagecoach services in Sunderland (e.g. the 12/13 through Silksworth downgraded from every five minutes to every ten minutes - with the 12 running through to Town End Farm to maintain the ten minute frequency north of the river too).

As well as fewer services to Doxford (5a withdrawn, 5 diverted away from there), the Go Ahead changes a couple of weeks ago saw a reduction in their services there too (33 curtailed at Silksworth, 36 cut back in north Sunderland, cuts to 38 too).

Whilst there's been a lot of discussion about Tyneside buses on here, I didn't think there's been much mention of Wearside. Since both main companies (Stagecoach and Go Ahead) seem to be making cuts (plus Nexus support reduced?), I take it that things are looking relatively glum here, as they are elsewhere in the UK bus world?

It's always seemed a bit of a confusing place, in terms of the demarcation between Busways/ Stagecoach and Go Ahead - is that something that has got more competitive or less competitive in recent years?

Also - did Busways/ Stagecoach ever run a 1 or a 2? Seems odd to have only a handful of services but only starting at "3"? Or were the 1/2 what is now the E1/E2?
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16 Apr 2012
Isnt part of the reason because of the evil nationalism of the buses in the area.
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