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SuperLUquiz 3000 (with prize!)

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PM your answers, prize will be organised when competition finished.

All answers in by Sunday please. :)

  1. Which road at Northfields depot has traction rails?
  2. How many platforms are there at Highgate station?
  3. How many stations on the London Underground?
  4. How many platforms are there at Morden station?
  5. When did Heathrow Terminal 4 station close?
  6. In which year did Blake Hall station close?
  7. On what day did Aldwych close?
  8. On what day did Ongar close?
  9. Who now operates trains to Ongar?
  10. Who originally owned the Epping branch?
  11. Why wasn't the Piccadilly extended north of Finsbury Park until the 1930s?
  12. In which year was London Underground Ltd. inaurgated?
  13. In which month is Heathrow Terminal 4 to reopen?
  14. What is an IMR?
  15. What is a RR?
  16. What was the original name of the District Line?
  17. What was the original name of the Metropolitan Line?
  18. Where do all Metropolitan Line trains stop north of Baker Street (2 stations required)?
  19. Where is the head office of London Underground?
  20. What is Bond Street at an apex between?
  21. In which year was the Central Line opened?
  22. Which is newer, 95TS or 96TS?
  23. Where can you find an example of a working 72TS MkI unit?
  24. What is the current London Underground world record for the tubechallenge?
  25. Who is it owned by?
  26. Who was the previous record holder?
  27. Who was the record holder before that?
  28. What was the time of the record holder above?
  29. And now the one above that?
  30. Where on the Metropolitan Line does it cross the M25?
  31. What is the Watford Junction extension called officially?
  32. What station with the Jubilee and Metropolitan Lines is currently being revamped?
  33. Name the analogy which is used for the size of Canary Wharf station?
  34. How many carriages does a Metropolitan Line train have?
  35. How many carriages will a Jubilee Line train have soon?
  36. How many carriages does a Jubilee Line train currently have?
  37. Where are the extra cars for the Jubilee Line trains being built?
  38. What is the current northern terminus of most trains on the Hainault loop?

That is all for now. :)
Not open for further replies.