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  1. James Starkie

    James Starkie Member

    15 Nov 2013
    My ticket says Surbiton-Accrington. Is this one journey - one fare? ie Metrolink included? And, if so, could I travel from Piccadilly to Rochdale on Metrolink then onto the Curve onwards?
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  3. PermitToTravel

    PermitToTravel Established Member

    21 Dec 2011
    No, the Metrolink isn't included. This is a stupid situation.

    As you have to pay for the Metrolink yourself, you can buy a ticket from Piccadilly to Rochdale and then travel thence to Accrington.
  4. Rail Ranger

    Rail Ranger Member

    20 Feb 2014
    Or it would probably be quicker (and cheaper) to catch Metrolink from Piccadilly to Victoria (the Bury tram) and then the train from Victoria to Accrington. But perhaps you want to do the Rochdale Metrolink line. Beware that the Rochdale Metrolink line does not go from Piccadilly station (until after 28th June). You currently need to board the Bury tram at Piccadilly station and change at Market Street. The railway industry needs to make it clear that tickets like Surbiton to Accrington do not include Metrolink. Both ends of the rail journey need to be in the Transport for Greater Manchester area for the Metrolink journey between Piccadilly and Victoria to be included in the fare. It is not like crossing between stations in London by Underground where the tube is normally included in the through rail fare.
  5. OwlMan

    OwlMan Established Member

    25 Jun 2008
    Bedworth, Warwickshire
    You can travel by train via Salford Crescent if you don't want to use the metro
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