Sussex Slammer

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11 Aug 2005
Ashton, Lancashire
What a day!!!!

My "day" started on Friday afternoon, I got the 1556 Voyager from Manchester Picc up to Glasgow, then getting the 2000 GNER from Glasgow to Edinburgh, then I met Yorkie, took some phots, and eventually boarded the London bound sleeper. Things started to go "strange" from here, as the 90 (90034 I think) we assumed would take us to Carstairs, came off at Edinburgh, and went into the Motorail bay. A 67, 67004 then took us to Carsairs. At Carstairs we were about 20 late, and 90021, with the Glasgow sleeper was waiting. We coupled up, and set off. We then retired from the lounge car to our berth.

We got woken up at then normal (6:30am ish) time, but the steward said we would be "slightly" delayed. We noticed the 90 seemed to be struggling, with rather rough jolts, and frequent stopping. Eventually we came to the halt 7:00am in the middle of knowhere (north of Milton Keynes). The 90 had failed. We were rescued an hour later by 57312 :shock:!!! After an uneventful journey from Milton Keynes to London, we arrived. Noticing the flakes of paint the 57's exhaust had blown off Euston's roof! We arrived over two hours late at 9:10, well missing the slammer from Victoria (the whole reason for getting the sleeper!!) Oh Well!

The Slammer

After a leisurly tube journey from Euston to London Bridge, we arrived in plenty of time for the meet at about 10 to 10. I bought some crisps and we went over to the barriers, where they were rather "desparate", saying they cant let us on, as the slammer was due to be coupled up!! In the end thankfully they let us on the platform. Here we saw the 4-Cig rejoin the 4-Cig 4-Vep both of which had gone to East Grinstead, but at diferent times. I got some good phots of the coupling up here.
We then boarded the rear CIG, 1805, for our journey to Littlehampton, though due to overgenourous slack times, and being held behind stoppers so the journey was slow. At Littlehampton we had some fish & chips from a nice chippy and (after nearly being attacked by a flock of seagulls) we headed back to the station where the Eurostar service to Newport and Merthyr Tydville (according to the boards!!), oh sorry the Sussex slammer to was waiting for us. We set off on time bound for Preston Park, where we reversed and went into Brighton, passing many of the other forlorn slammers, including 3505, 3486 amongst others not visible. After the 8 minute turnaround at Brighton we set off bound for Newhaven Marine. This was a place that had definately seen better days, with a resounding dilapidated feel, though small remnants from it's "happier" days, such as the sign saying "13" car stop, for the MLV's on the boat trains (which my dad told me last night he was on one of the boat trains while on a school trip to France back in the 60's!)
There was even signs that said things like "Baggage Registration" and "Luggage Lockers" etc, which had obviously long shut. Newhaven was quite good for photting, with people going trackside (which was endorsed by members of the SEG), (though some people took advantage by going much to close to the 3rd rail etc).
We departed Newhaven at about 1610, with 6 detonators exploding on departure, we were hoping for a fast run to London, however in the end this did not happen, other than a few "bursts" of speed enroute. We kept pretty much to time, and after an uneventful (other than Joy54 and I's interesting seating arrangement, which really squashed Seth!!!) We arrived in London at about 17:45 and were informed that the stock would form a non-stop London to Brigton releif, Obviously living in Manchester I couldnt do it! But it left at 17:58, with a hell of a lot of flailing and screaming!!! Will this be the last time a slammer reaches the capital?? Though in theory they can still work vices until the 30th November, so it is unlikely the end is just yet.
But still a sad day!! :cry:
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