Swanage Railway [01/04]

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The day started off on the 0752 Bournemouth - Weymouth service, with 2411 as the traction! We got off at Wareham, walked over to the bus stop where a bus on the service 142 (W&D) was standing, destination SWANAGE. Bought a cheap (£1.90 RTN!) Wareham Rail Stn - Norden Farm ticket, got off at Norden Farm and walked to Norden where the class 20 was standing to be started up!

Bought a rover (£7) and hopped on the class 20 hauled 0925 to Swanage, but got off at Corfe Castle before the 20 failed at the next station, Harmans Cross. Spent an hour or so at Corfe, before heading on a class 33 hauled service to Swanage. At Swanage, we saw a rare scene of a diesel hauling a steamer (the GWR Pannier Tank had failed with a broken reverser pin). Had Fish & Chips at Swanage. :D :D

Anyway, back to the station, where we awaited Eddystone to haul the next service out of the station back to Corfe, where we spent another hour or so. After the hour was up, we walked to the bus stop and awaited a bus which was either 1hr30 late, or 30 early. Excess fare'd our bus tickets, and came back to Wareham. As we arrived at Wareham, we could hear a train approaching in the distance with a Weymouth service, so a tubechallenge style run was required, and hey presto, it turned out to be 2401 on the 1335 Waterloo - Weymouth. We were to get on a 444 Desiro though, 444 025 was our traction back to Bournemouth (Parkstone for my friend!).

Arrived at Bournemouth early, to end a brilliant day out.
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9 Jun 2005
2411 was the one I was having my official cab ride in last Wednesday, although it would've been the other cab to the one your driver was in.
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