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Swanley & New Barn Railway

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26 Jul 2009

The Swanley & New Barn Railway re-opens on the Saturday 24th of March. It will operate every weekend until September, and during School holidays is also open weekdays. Bank Holidays will also see it open.

What is more important though is that we would appreciate anybody over the age of 18 who has an interest in Signalling, driving our steam and diesel locomotives, signal technicians, locomotive mechanics and those who would perhaps be interested in operating our ticket office contacting me. I am one of the Signallers, and am particularly interested in establishing a Signalling team, as well as each Signaller, at their discretion, also being involved in other areas.

As you may see from the name of the railway, we are in Swanley, in Kent, and are a very easy rail journey from London, the Medway, other parts of Kent and South East London, and an easy bus or car journey from Sidcup and Eltham. It is located just off the M25 for automotive users, too.

If you are interested, send me a Private Message and I'll see that you have some literature sent to you. The railway is growing, we have new steam and diesel engines coming in to force this year, and we are always looking for competent and level headed individuals to join up.


And one of Mr Graves at the helm

And one of the Signal Box - which was part of the old Gloucester Road (Croydon) panel, so very authentic!

Cheers for now
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