Thames Travel: Cut back and changes from mid July

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16 Apr 2012
Firslty Thames travel isn't listed on the main Go Ahead page which is rather odd.

Full details can be viewed here: service changes July 2016 - WEB 2.pdf

On 10th November 2015 Oxfordshire County Council announced that, due to budgetary constraints, it wished to pursue a policy of completely withdrawing subsidies for bus services across the county during 2016. Thames Travel currently operates 27 bus services which receive some form of subsidy from the local authority, and therefore this decision has had huge
implications for our business and our customers. Over the past six months, we’ve carried out a great deal of hard work in partnership with the County
Council, local parish councils, bus users and other stakeholders with the aim of saving as many of the affected services as possible Oxfordshire County Council has now advised us that other than services covered by a “section 106”agreement (services funded by housing developers) the current subsidised contracts will come to an end at the end of service on 20th July 2016. We’ve produced this leaflet to help you understand how these changes might affect you in the future.
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