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Discussion in 'UK Railway Discussion' started by DR132, 24 Aug 2015.

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  1. DR132

    DR132 New Member

    16 Jan 2011
    Does anyone know why every time something big happens (like a car striking a bridge or OHLE issues like today) Thameslink's station announcement system falls apart and keeps announcing trains which have long been cancelled as delayed... instead of dropping them. I live next to one of their stations and having to listen to hours of unnecessary announcements is really annoying. It resets itself overnight (while staying on repeat until 11pm) so am guessing it's just lazy programming?

    Also since Govia took over from First they've turned up the volume to 11. During FCC days it was set to about 7 and as a passenger as well as a resident I never found it an issue. Now it is unbearable especially with that robotic lass sounding like <insert rude word here>.
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  3. AM9

    AM9 Established Member

    13 May 2014
    St Albans
    You haven't said at which station that you think the volume has been turned up.
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