Thanks all.. Good trip today

Discussion in 'Trip Planning & Reports' started by Captain Speaking, 27 Nov 2011.

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  1. Captain Speaking

    Captain Speaking Established Member

    23 Feb 2007
    Just a post to kind of re-iterate that though there are sometimes problems on our railways, most of the time it works OK.

    Pendelino Wilmslow to Crewe just after 08:00 today, LM 350 to BHM and another one on to BI for the NEC (Flying show). On return, XC Voyager BI to Stockport (packed as far as Stafford) but I did get a seat (much less packed after Stafford). ATW back to Wilmslow. All for a bit over £20 with a SRC.

    Beats driving!
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  3. Lrd

    Lrd Established Member

    26 Jul 2010
    I'm glad that you had a good day out. £20 is amazing value!

    But, in the future please use the proper three letter station codes, as BNS is Barnes (SW London) and although a South West Trains 450 is very similar to a 350 they are not the same. ;)

    Birmingham New Street - BHM
    Birmingham International - BHI

    If you want to check the three letter codes then use the National Rail website, just start typing the station name and the three letter code will be in brackets.
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