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The Cathedrals Express With 60163 Tornado

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2 Jun 2011
27/06/12. What a day, is all I can say really! I started off going to Melksham station, I did get a shot but there was so many people, I just kept it as a record, so haven't included it in this video. I then quickly changed location, over to Dunch Lane, behind Leekes, but as I pulled up, Tornado had cut the stop early and was heading for Chippenham, so I turnt round and essentially raced the A1 to Chippenham. I could see ito n my right hand side for most of the journeym through the trees and fields. As I got to Chippenham station, luck was on my side, as she was nowhere to be seen. Giving me enough time to set up and be ready. About 2 minutes later 60163 slows and stops.

She departs Chippenham with some nice sound, and heads off towards Swindon. Later in the evening I was going to go back to Chippenham to capture her arriving and departing, but I decided against it and went to a new location, on a foot crosing behind the new Asda supermarket in Melksham. The only downside of it being behind the building is there was literally no light what so ever, so I have to shut the lens cover and capture 60163 departing Melksham as a soundscape video.

So yes, the last clip is ment to be black, there is nothing wrong with the video! All in all it was a good day, it was bang on time in the morning arriving, not so much departing as it left a bit early, amnd in the evening she was only 20 minutes late, passing me at 2342pm.
Not open for further replies.