The Green belt and the Underground

Discussion in 'London Underground' started by Samuel88, 1 Jun 2019.

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    13 May 2014
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    Of course, modern thinking is that commuter rail can preserve green belt areas by allowing travel to leap beyond them. Although not LU, there is surprisingly little development between Elstree and St Albans despite the presence of the MML, which owing to TL services is a very high capacity commmuter railway. I'm sure developers would love to spread Radlett village out until it is continuous housing along the old A5 (A5183).
    Similarly, Theydon Bois remains a small settlement despite the frequent Central line service running between the country town of Epping and the northern end of the Roding Valler sprawl that is Debden.
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    29 Sep 2014
    The LMS branch junction faced the wrong way on the main line for services to central London and a northern extension would have ploughed through an area fully developed before the war.

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