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The Highland Circular

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8 Jun 2005
Hello from Preston! It's 0450 and 5 of us are waiting in the cold at a dodgy internet point after completing a very exhaillerating journey from York to Preston (via Inverness and Fort William!).

The trip began on Tuesday 30th at York station at 0945, ready for the 0954 to Edinburgh. Or at least that's what we had planned. After a bridge bash at Micklefield, I found myself stranded at Garforth half way to York, and was sent into Leeds by ticket office staff to catch a train back to York. Sadly, this proved to be bad advice. I passed two York stoppers and missed a Voyager by a matter of seconds! In the end, I had a mad 158 dash to catch my connection at York and meet the others. I made it just in time, quickly negotiating the subway to get to platform 5.

After a long Mallard run up to Edinburgh, we alighted to meet Metcam and Evil hippo and took a 170 the long way round to Kircaldy, Metcam's sexuality apparently being a hot topic! Our train for Inverness consisted a 158 and a former Hull Trains 170. This created a lot of argument about which unit we should travel on, and after several swaps, we decided on the 158 due to the abundance of space. Whilst Seth and co left us at Perth to do some more line bashing, we enjoyed the pleasant scenery up to Inverness. Due to a delay caused by signalling problems, we had a slight panic about making our coach at Inverness. However, we had no such problems and took our seats upon our 'Executive' coach to Fort William. Hmmm.

More to follow later, my hands are growing numb in the cold! :)
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9 Jun 2005
Not to mention us Southerners who had to be up at around 3am/4am!
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