The Humber Explorer Tour from 2011 Mileage Request

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18 Dec 2011
Hi All,

Sorry to probably lead some people astray with the title but was unsure in what Thread Title to put it under.

Again (and hopefully the last!) I am stuck with a mileage I did on the Humber Explorer Tour ran by Pathfinder on 2Nd April 2011. I had chosen the option to take a trip around Scunthorpe Steelworks which featured a ride on the internal system. This featured the class 02 Shunter D2853 (02003) and Class 20, 20066.

If I remember correctly we were told that only one trip would be done due to timings. However, due a point problem with the main tour in the Immingham area we were able to go around a second time and visit the diesel shed.

My request is if anyone has it, the amount of mileage for each loco both the 02 and 20 for this date as I am really struggling with these last two. I have tried to trace the route we did on Google Earth but haven't had much luck as a couple of reversal moves were made on this trip and I don't remember all reversal points.

Any help would be very much appreciated,

Thanks again, Dan.
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