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4 Oct 2013
Given the appeal of our current 'The Next Station Is' game, the Quizmaster team has decided to launch an international version of the quiz coving the Benelux area of Europe (consisting of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg) as a temporary Christmas present with the game finishing at the end of January. The game will operate in the same way as our current UK version with a few differences, which are detailed below. For a general overview of the game please see the following link to the rules of the domestic version.

There will of course be some changes, owing to the nature of the rail system in Benelux. They are detailed below:

Scoring is going to be slightly different in this game. Owing to 'deadlocks' in our UK version we have decided that 40% of the points in a game will be awarded to the penultimate poster and 60% to the final poster, with any decimal scores being rounded to the nearest whole number. We hope this will decrease the amount of time it takes to end a leg.

No parliamentary or long wait bonuses will be awarded in this game. This is to introduce simplicity.

A hard border will be imposed for the game, and leaving the Benelux region into any neighbouring country will not be permitted.

There will be no ‘red list’ in this version so all routes shown in the working timetable will be permitted.


The moves work the same way as in the UK version, being posted clearly in bold. An example move would be below. Let’s say the last station played was Amsterdam Centraal and the player wishes to travel towards Schiphol Airport. They could either play Sloterdijk, utilising the stopping service, or they could immediately play Schiphol Airport, using one of the fast services. They could not, however, decide to play Lelylaan as nothing runs non-stop between Centraal and Lelylaan: everything stops at Sloterdijk en route.


For this particular game, please use only the DB journey planner, which has its link below. Having multiple sources can make validity of moves confusing so basing it off one planner will at least mean everyone’s looking at the same source.

Adjudicators for this game will remain the same as in the current version, these being @A Challenge, @clagmonster, @FelixtheCat and @Whistler40145.

We hope you all enjoy playing!

The first leg will begin at Amsterdam Centraal.
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