The Man on the platform is alive and well

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15 Jun 2010
Just thought I'd recount this little tale from MrsWh last week. She went to London and tried to touch in at Crayford. The gates were open and didn't seem to be switched on as there were no lights and it didn't beep when she touched her card. She asked the gateline assistant if it had worked and he took the card and touched it on the wide gate validator. This time it said "Exit". Confused they both went to the platform validator by the side gate and tried again. It still said exit. So then he said "it'll be alright, just go on your way". Fortunately she decided to phone me and check, and while we were talking she noticed the gates had closed again. I said to try touching it on the entrance side of a gate and this time it said "Entry". I'm not quite sure why the wide gate validator triggered an unstarted journey by forcing an exit, but the helpdesk have refunded her anyway.

Now to the point. If she'd been stopped by an RPI later on he would have said the card wasn't validated; which it wasn't until after she'd checked with me. Do you think he'd have believed her saying "the man on the gateline at Crayford said it was ok to travel" or do you think she'd have been chinged a £20 penalty fare?
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