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The Pembroke Coast Express.. 6024 King Edward 1..27/05/07

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4 Oct 2009
Sherborne, Dorset
6024 King Edward 1 was booked to work the Railway Touring Companies Pembroke Coast Express on the 27/05/07. A nice run out to Carmarthen and the hauled to Pembroke Dock was the plan but due to over running engineering work and signal failure the trai terminated at Carmarthen.
The weather was not brilliant and this contributed to the loco struggling to climb up the west bound side of Cockett Bank. The King slipped badly afew times before Cockett Tunnel but once inside it finally slipped to a stand..
After what must have seemed liked ages to the crew who must have had some horible conditions to work in, the train finally emerged from the tunnel and continued on its way.. Must have taken some excellent driving to get the train on the move in the tunnel.
The train is seen at various locations,Magor,Llangewydd,Burry Port,Stormy Bank and then the last shot arriving back at Temple Meads.

Not open for further replies.