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The Perfect First Class Service

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26 Aug 2018
What would be your criteria for the perfect First Class service? Here are my suggestions, mainly combining good points about TOCs' offerings and bringing them together. Leave your suggestions below.

Hosts at the doors to greet customers.
An announcement made around the departure time, explaining the menu.
A menu of hot and cold food, cooked breakfast, pies, salads, chilli, curry, sandwiches (depending on the time of day).
An at seat refreshnent trolley, serving decent sized drink servings (not like the 150ml coke cans on XC), a good choice of hot drinks, they could even offer lattes from sachet mixes. Beers, wines, ciders and spirits with ice and lemon. Good quality biscuitd, e. g. Border biscuits. I find the biscuits on Hull Trains to be very low quality.
Regular runs with the refreshment trolley (once every half hour at least).
Meals at less busy times prepared recently by trained cooks at service centres and re-heated on board (a lot of TOCs currently use ambient ready meals).
Hosts asking if customers need any onward travel information.
Hosts bidding customers goodbye at the doors.

It's controversial, but I would close First Class lounges and distribute staff on to peak services where extra catering staff are needed. There are improved general lounges at stations now and many cafes/bars for customers to choose from.

What would you like to see from a First Class service?
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