The shortage of rolling stock

Discussion in 'Traction & Rolling Stock' started by och aye, 23 Dec 2018.

  1. Jonny

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    10 Feb 2011
    I seem to recall that when Virgin ran XC, they had plans for a 'Challenger' that was essentially a 2+5 HST, which presumably would have had a (slightly) higher power to weight ratio than a 2+6. One presumes that it was called Challenger because it was near enough to challenge a Voyager for performance.
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    11 Aug 2010
    I don't how much much of an influence this point has on the rolling stock shortage, but a lack of depot/siding facilities may also factor in places. Living on the Southeastern Network there is an evident rolling stock shortage in peak times, where everything available at the time is used. However to expand the fleet in the near future would have to come with yard/depot expansions and/or building new ones. I recall this from past Class 319 cascade discussions on the forum, where despite their capability of running in Kent, there is no space for more carriages to be stored :idea:

    I don't know if other franchises have the same problem, but I feel the problem must exist somewhere else too.

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