The Siberian Hamster..56033, 56046, 58047, 60036, 66054 & 66098..16/12/00

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  1. Western Venturer

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    4 Oct 2009
    Sherborne, Dorset
    Pathfinders annual Christmas Spin and Win was run on the 16th December 2000 under the title of the Siberian Hamster.
    I joined at Coventry with 66054 to Bescot where we were due to have a loco change with a 58 taking over,58045 was allocated but the driver failed it with an electrcal fault,another 58 was readied in the shape of 58043 but this was failed so we ended up with the bonus of 56033 Shotton Paper Mill..56046, 58047, 60036, & 66098 also featured so we got a bone in the end!!!
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