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The UK Railway Datafile (enthusiasts book)

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13 Oct 2010
Hi all, i recently finished working on the 3rd edition of The UK Railway Datafile enthusiasts book.

Please have a quick read of the sections and what its all about.

Mainline Locomotives & Channel Tunnel Locomotives
Privately Owned & Preserved Locomotives (includes mainline registered coaching stock)
Exported UK Locomotives (includes hired)
Steam Locomotives
Mainline & Preserved Locomotive Names
Mainline & Preserved Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) including side stock numbers
Mainline & Preserved Electric Multiple Units (EMU) including side stock numbers
Coaching Stock & LHCS Formations
Tramways, DLR & SPT Light Railways (includes battery locos)
London Underground (includes preserved, engineers and battery loco fleet)
Engineers fleet (includes HOBC)
Private Owner Wagons
Air-Braked Wagons
RIV Wagons
Extant Wagons
Depot Codes and Coaching Stock Terminology

The book is in A4, single sided format to allow the user to write notes on the opposite page.

The Locomotives section is laid out with Company and Depot if the loco is active. If the loco is stored, then the locos last known location is typed in full, with the exception of shunters due to the variety of places, stored shunters have brackets round the location name.
Exported locomotives display the current depot
Coaching stock carries the Depot Code unless stored, where it shows the location.
Units carry their side numbers and Depot, unless stored, where they carry the name of the location.
Private & Preserved locos carry the name of the location.

Any stock that has been taken to a scrap merchant for cutting has been deleted. (with the exception of the 56s and the scrapmen are looking to re-sell)

The book is priced at a bargain £20 (there is a postage charge of £5 for first class posting)

Ian Allan stocks the books in all four stores, Cheshire Lines of Crewe have two left in stock and Law books have a copy in stock.

If you would like a copy which is up to date as of today, you can obtain a copy from myself.
Not open for further replies.