The Worksop Rambler - The Prequel (Activity)

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8 Jun 2005
A few days ago this activity was released by phillic. He is well renowned for his fantastic activites. This one doesn't fail to impress. With lots of signal checks and grid thrash, you will be amused for hours (2 hours 30 in fact!). You start with 56099 at Worksop Shed where you have to couple up to 56036 and collect your stock from the sidings. Then you take your train down to Alexandra Palace where you pick up a pilot and set off for the North London Line, The only criticism I have with this activity is that for the majority of the activity, your cab is out of 56099 which means you have to look at 56036 in front of you.
Here is the link to this brilliant activity:
Not open for further replies.