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Three in four 'feel safe on the tube'

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More than three quarters of Londoners feel safe travelling by Tube since the July bombings, a survey says.

Of the 500 people polled by Westminster Council in September, only 12% said they were apprehensive about Tube travel, 86% about bus travel and 97% in a car.

The survey suggested that although the number of people afraid of public transport travel is falling, memories of the bombings still upset Londoners.

Almost seven out of 10 people (69%) polled feel sad when reminded of them.

It also showed just over two thirds (68%) to be satisfied with the response by the Metropolitan Police and its commissioner Sir Ian Blair.

One third (34%) said they were dissatisfied with Prime Minister Tony Blair and the government's response.

Westminster Council leader Simon Milton said: "Having played a key role in both the response and recovery to the bombings this summer, we decided that it was essential to evaluate Londoners' perceptions...so that lessons can be learned in the event of future attacks.

"There may well be issues of ongoing trauma that may need more research.

"It is important that Londoners continue to be reassured that it is safe to return to the centre of our great city."

In August, London Underground (LU) put up posters explaining there were more patrols, searches and checks on trains and at stations than before to try to make commuters feel safer.

It is true.
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