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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by nedchester, 22 Oct 2011.

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  1. nedchester

    nedchester Established Member

    28 May 2008
    Went from Capenhurst to Birkenhead Hamilton Square for the beer festival. Friend of mine accident bought a ticket to Chester from the TVM (as he thought we were going to the beer festival there!)

    He then bought a ticket to Hamilton Square but spoke to the woman in the 'response' car at Capenhurst who said he could get a full refund. I was a bit dubious about this but true to their word they refunded the money on the Chester ticket.

    OK it's only a couple of quid but shows that some TOCs don't give the 'tough luck' message to passengers who make mistakes.
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  3. 185

    185 Established Member

    29 Aug 2010
    Mess room, asleep
    Got a lot of time for them. Had to email them over an urgent technical matter yesterday and got a response within minutes.

    Makes me giggle, how locals slag off Merseyrail but fail to realise how much worse rail is in the other PTE areas of the north. Despite me falling out with some very senior people there, I still have a lot of respect for Merseyrail as an operator.
  4. Skie

    Skie Member

    22 Dec 2008
    I emailed them about a year ago about how poor the tannoy system at a station was. Unless you were standing at the ticket office, you had no chance at hearing any announcements.

    I received a reply the next day thanking me for the report and they said an engineer would make a visit to observe the current setup and see if anything could be done. Great!

    Fast forward to a few weeks ago and the first time I use a train for my commute in 6 months and lo and behold there is a team of gents installing speakers along the platform. Took a while, but they do listen!
  5. supervalkoinen

    supervalkoinen Member

    21 Sep 2010
    Another thumbs-up from this critic.

    The much-discussed North-Wirral Lines Day Ranger ticket has now found its way to the top of the front page of the ATM (at Bache at least).

    Wonder if it has anything to do with our discussions.

    A minor moan - if you reach the Bache northbound platform from the road entrance, the first sign you see tells you that "Rail Replacement Buses will depart from....." - the number of times I've had to tell occasional passengers that the service is running and that the sign only applies when there is no train service.
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