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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Halsebee, 11 Feb 2019.

  1. Halsebee

    Halsebee Member

    8 Mar 2009
    I have a return portion of a saver ticket valid for a month from Taunton to Reading.
    Yesterday I used the train for a journey Taunton to Exeter for which I had a ticket. By mistake I put the Taunton Reading ticket in the gate, which obviously let me through as it is a valid ticket. I went to Exeter using my Taunton Exeter ticket as usual, but my query is, will the Taunton Reading ticket be invalidated as its been through a gate, even though it hasn't been used for a journey?
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  3. Hadders

    Hadders Established Member

    27 Apr 2011
    It probably won't work the barriers but that doesn't mean it isn't valid. If the ticket doesn't work ask to be let through manually. Don't mention putting the ticket in the barrier previously as that will just confuse things. There are loads of reasons why a valid ticket won't work the barriers.
  4. Indigo2

    Indigo2 Established Member

    16 Apr 2010
    The ticket will have the station and the last time it went through a barrier encoded on it. Whether or not the barrier at Taunton chooses to reject a ticket that has been put through the same barrier at an earlier date will depend on how it is programmed.
  5. ForTheLoveOf

    ForTheLoveOf Established Member

    7 Oct 2017
    It might come up with a code saying that it's been used before.

    Obviously somewhat unfortunate but ultimately your ticket remains valid regardless of how you do/don't put it through a barrier.

    May just be useful to keep the Taunton to Exeter ticket to show if they don't believe your explanation.

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