To Frankfurt in November

Discussion in 'International Transport' started by EM2, 5 Jan 2017.

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    30 Sep 2012
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    Looks like £65/EUR80 single is par for the course in summer - perhaps a bit less in November. You might save by splitting at Koeln or Brussels, but I doubt it would be much
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    19 Feb 2013
    If you split then you need to allow time for Eurostar delays, otherwise you risk having to buy a new full price DB ticket.

    I have recently increased my Eurostar patronage, and half of the time the prices London to Germany are cheaper than London to Brussels... in fact I decided to buy the German ticket a couple of times even when I wasn't going to Germany.... But I am purchasing only a week or two in advance.

    This is madness even without the additional information that the OP's destination is within walking distance from Frankfurt station. ICE from Berlin to Frankfurt takes over 4 hours.*

    Tbh I would be taking the train even if it cost more than the total cost of flying (which includes getting to the airports) unless I had a particular interest in the route of the train to the airport or something
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