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20 Oct 2005
Europe (Rijeka, Croatia)
Today was the day when British professors from Telford visited my school. I was chosen to be in the group.

The day started in the morning I got up at 7.30 and than I had breakfast, and went to school by 8.00. It was a no school day for me, I was just there in the class with my Geography professor, and we were getting ready, had some practise, before they come. They were a group of 7 that were staying in Croatia for a week, today beeing their last day.

Eventually at 11.30 we had a presentation to them. They were only two of them with us (Mr Madine, Trip leader; and Mr Hanana; The Maths professor), other were at the other places in school. We started the presentation after a little meet up, and I was the presentation leader (on the laptop)... That part went very well, after that we asked them if They want us to ask us some questions, Which Mr Madine asked us, "Why was the town built on the location", which me and my budy anwsered excelently. Than we asked them some questions, mine were: "What was the reason of uniting small villages that become Telford?"; "Why was the city called by Thomas Telford and not by those earlier proposed names?"; "Why did Telford cease to be part of Shropshire and become an unitar authority?"; and the last question was: "How does the Buildwass Power Station influence the nature enviroment?" I got very good anwsers from the professors and that ended our part.

Than the biology part was on, and eventually when we finnished I got chatty with Mr Madine, I asked him: "What do you think about the newly proposed Direct services to London?" He reply: "It will be a good thing, not good for me as they won't stop at my local station, but overall it'll be a better service than the current one with Central and Virgin, and that now the journey time from Telford to London by train is longer than arround 1900.

All in all that was a great day.
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