Trabnsport Focus's passenger satisfaction : spring 2016 figures out

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3 Apr 2013
Southern and Southeastern bring up the rear at 69%. Thameslink were at 74%. Seems bizarre its not lower.

London Bridge is certainly the main factor but it goes beyond the building work itself to DfT and Treasury's failings going back many years to adequately prepare.

With Thameslink confirmed in 2010 it was known that large scale disruption as London Bridge was rebuilt would occur for five years for Southeastern. With paths for Southeastern through the station reduced it seemed clear that remaining services would need to be lengthened. Some have been, but not enough to adequately compensate for reduced frequencies. They had five years to organise that but various issues were not overcome. It gets worse again in August.

With Southern they're very ambitious (read silly) timetable plans caused problems. Since then they have descended into complete shambles.
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