Track re-doubling at Weston-s-Mare

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7 Aug 2005

Network Rail has announced plans to double the track near a busy commuter railway station in Somerset.

It is hoped the doubling of the junction between Worle and Weston-super-Mare will ease congestion.

Currently, bottlenecks are created by trains going into Weston which are held up on the single track area.

The one-mile section is the first of three phases planned. Phase two and three will see the track doubled right through Weston-super-Mare.

It is due to be completed by next year.

MP for Weston-super-Mare, John Penrose, said: "This is another positive step forward.

"If we are going to beat gridlock and take some of the strain off our local roads and village communities then the rail network needs to perform.

"There are already 20,000-plus local people working outside the constituency every day.

"The rail service must give all travellers, particularly Weston's many daily commuters, a viable alternative to the car."

However, it seems to me like one step forward and two steps backwards - as services on the Weston-s-Mare line, whilst have retained the frequency under the previous timetable, have had carriages cut resulting in carriages being packed.

This is also the only Medium term rail scheme (for development with possible potential implementation 2006 to 2011) in Greater Bristol which has been carried out so far.
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