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Tractor/Growler Poll

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1 Jul 2011
Across the pond.
I was just wondering if everyone prefers the 37's with the Scottish snow plows? Or the 37's without the three piece plows? Personally I like the looks of the Scottish 37's. http://www.phantasrail.co.uk/July07/ZQ1Z2927arv.jpg They just look more elegant than those without the plows. The units without the plows look naked to me :lol: How would they look if they had black warning stripes painted on the plows to make the units more visible?

Second Question

This pretains to running the EE Type three at 90 to 100 miles an hour. For those type 3 diesels that were fitted for running at higher speeds like those fitted for the Nightstar train. Would it have been better to fit all 12 of the 37's with the three piece plows incase a deer, cow, horse got creamed by the Nightstar running at top speed? I would think a large deer or cow could derail the train at speed if pulled under the wheels? I am not that knowledged about the climate in the highlands? But I suspect there can be a fair amount of snow in some places in the winter. The railways don't seem to maintain snow plows nowadays so just how does the weather affect operations in the winter months? Are the three piece plows easy to find or have made? Or are those parts rare these days?

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