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[Train Driver] Now Released

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9 Jun 2005
The golden age of railway travel is back! Drive the trains of the West Somerset Railway in a brilliant standalone simulation. Train Driver has arrived on the PC platform - order a copy now for £19.99/€29.95/$29.99

Full details at: www.justtrains.net

Train Driver is a dream come true for anyone who has ever wanted to journey back to a time when the train really did take the strain! This fantastic standalone train simulation uses the critically acclaimed Trainz software to re-create the West Somerset Railway on a PC. Players can drive any of the five great locomotives from the railway – three steam and two diesel – on 23 miles of authentic track. Players can find out what it’s like to drive a REAL train on a REAL railway!

• Comes with five locomotives – GWR Manor class 7820 Dinmore Manor - GWR Manor class 7828 Odney Manor - GWR 6400 Class Pannier tank 6412 - Class 35 Hymek D7017 (two versions) - Class 117 DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) set.

• Twenty detailed activities, based around the current working timetable, plus additional services such as photographic charters, dining trains, main line services joining the route and breakdowns/train rescues.

• Includes all 23 miles of the picturesque West Somerset Railway – land detail stretches up to 2km beyond the track.

• Ten detailed stations with accurate models of all significant buildings in the vicinity of the railway line as well as a selection of those in the rest of the landscape.

• Owners of Trainz Railway Simulator 2006 and 2004 can also use Train Driver to add the West Somerset Railway software to Trainz.

Ride the rails – visit www.justtrains.net for screenshots and full details.
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