Train Drivers Volunteering On Heritage Railways

Discussion in 'Railtours & Preservation' started by A_driver, 6 May 2015.

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  1. A_driver

    A_driver New Member

    6 May 2015
    Hi All,

    I haven't long passed out (last 6 months) and have considered volunteering again at a heritage line again.

    I have previously volunteered at a heritage railway before getting a job on the "mainline railway" but stopped about 6 months before starting my interviews due to family issues.

    Anyway I have now thought about going back, but talking to my DM I would have to inform them as what happens on the mainline affects the heritage and via versa.

    Are there many mainline drivers driving on heritage lines (steam and diesel). Is it worth the risk to your job? Is there any risk? How do people find it?

    Thanks for your help
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  3. steamybrian

    steamybrian Established Member

    26 Nov 2010
    There is no risk to your job if you work on a heritage railway...!!
    There are many readers of this forum who work on both the main line and a heritage railway..
    The only consideration is the shift patterns of working hours. For example working if your paid employment states that you cannot work as a driver less than 12 hours between shifts then apply the same between volunteer driving for a Heritage Railway and paid employment driving.
  4. broadgage

    broadgage Member

    11 Aug 2012
    I do not believe that volunteering to drive, or carry out other duties, on a heritage line is liable to put your main line driving job at risk under any likely circumstances.

    The only exception would be if you did something so grossly stupid on the heritage line that it would cast doubts as to your general suitability for driving on the main line. Such as driving under the influence or grossly in excess of the proper speed.

    Remember also that on a heritage line that you are very much in the public eye and should therefore be careful not to publicly criticise your employers.
  5. E&W Lucas

    E&W Lucas Established Member

    21 Jan 2010
    Your DM is not correct. However, you may have to notify your TOC that you are working for another employer (of any type). You are also obliged to ensure that you comply with Hidden.

    Incidents on a preserved railway do not count against your mainline licence, though it would be pretty shocking if you had one as a mainline professional. The only exception is the NYMR services that operate on NR infrastructure, where those of us that work them, are doing so on our main line tickets, with the knowledge and consent of our regular employers.

    As stated already, wanton stupidity on preserved railways can come back on the day job. Significant speeding and D&A in particular.

    Please consider that a preserved railway is unlikely to make you a driver straight away, just because you've a mainline ticket. You will have to learn their operating methods, rules, etc. In the case of steam, little you know will be of any relevance, so you will be starting from scratch anyway.

    If you want to do it, get stuck in and enjoy!
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